Friday, July 19, 2013

Made In The USA


A good pair of jeans is always a must to any girl's (even boy's) closet. It's a necessity. But just because jeans are slipshod, it doesn't mean that you have to sacrifice fashion. Comfort plus fashion, win-win right?

You won't actually see anything USA-ish in this post except the new music video of one of my favorite singers, Demi Lovato. Lol. However, I'm still trying to associate the blog post title with my outfit because I practically wore the colors of the USA flag which are white, blue, and.. well, pink. I know, I know! Let's just pretend that pink is the new red, can we? Lol. Really sorry about that. At least, they kind of belong to the same color family. ;) Anyhoo, this outfit is quite casual. I just love wearing a pair of jeans pretty much all the time. Oh, the comfort it brings. So you'll probably see me post more casual outfit shots soon. Haha. 

Don't you just love these accessories?! Too adorbs!!! I personally adore this ring from Ethereal Shopp. It's very pretty! I believe I've never seen anything like this before. It's handmade by the owner herself! Not only that, every ring they make is unique, thus, comes in one stock per design so you don't have to worry if you see someone wearing the same ring! Also love the splash of colors and gold deets, that's why it's the perfect match to my watch! Mustaches are somewhat a trend nowadays. And I know you mustache fans wouldn't get your hands off of this watch from Pink Chix! This is the cutest watch ever! I fancy how it adds flair to my outfit. They sell a lot of watches like this so you guys better check their shop out!

Outfit details:
Cotton On sheer top | Human Genes jeans | Furla bag | Ethereal Shopp ring | Pink Chix mustache watch

So this is the music video I'm talking about. I've watched this a couple of times since it was officially released. I super love it! Love the flow of the story, kind of a short film. Can't get enough of Dustin Milligan and Aimee Teegarden! Dustin is one of my ultimate crushes. Soooooo handsome. And Aimee lost a lot of weight! She's prettier than ever! Love her! And of course, Demi Lovato is such a stunner. With a beautiful face and good vocals like hers, you can never ask for more.

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