Friday, October 5, 2012

THE WANTED Live in MANILA! 09.14.12 (Part 2)

I’m blasting my The Wanted playlist as I write this. So, this is the Part 2 of my The Wanted experience! See The Wanted Live in Manila Part 1 HERE.

I’m saying this for the nth time... The Wanted’s concert was a total blast! I can’t and probably won’t get over it! Still on The Wanted high! Well, who wouldn’t be? They‘re so damn good when performing live! Better than the studio version! Just mind-blowing. After the concert, I was in entire awe. Actually, up until now! And just when I thought the night ended there… I was wrong. Didn’t know that night would get any better and turned out to be the best night ever. Why, you may ask? Because of the mere fact that I met NATHAN SKYES. Yes. My Nathan Skyes. My most favorite member of The Wanted. My love. (Here I go fangirl again haha)

The story goes like this... Something happened that made Nikki (my sister), Mariell, and I go to Edsa Shangri La Hotel, where The Wanted was checked in. We went there just to try our luck to see the boys and maybe have our photos taken with them. After for about an hour of waiting and strolling and asking random employees about them, tadaaaaaahhhhh! We saw Nathan Skyes! Can you imagine how exhilarated I was to see my ultimate crush?! The moment I saw him from afar, I couldn't contain my happiness anymore, so I ran as fast as I could and ask for an autograph (yes, he signed my Blackberry Pearl haha) and a photo of course. Best moment any fangirl could ever ask for. Plus, we got to meet some fans at the hotel too. It was great to meet such persons who share the same sentiments with us. We're now all Twitter friends! :) And lastly, this experience was made sweeter that it already was with the presence of my sister and gff.

My sister Nikki with Nathan Skyes. SPOT Nathan's forearm and my forearm! Sorry sista, he couldn't get enough of me. HAHAHA!

Nathan's autograph

With the Malaysian

Acting like a tourist by taking random shots so the security won't mistaken us as fans and let us roam around. HAHAHA.

Some member of the band

Ending this post with the picture of me and Nathan. WHAT IS AIR. LOVE HIM.


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