Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Wicked Wednesday (November 2011)

Mariell and I were stuck at the condo because our roomies Yana and Camille were.. well.. out for a night. Since it’s a holiday, we didn’t have classes. We don’t really have classes on Wednesdays, though, so I guess it’s not a big deal at all. Haha.

We woke up at around 11am. I then checked my phone and saw a text from my sister, Nikki, who lives on the other side of the street. She’s asking if we could have lunch together. I agreed, so Mariell and I headed to her place. We had a good lunch.

And then..

We had Moonleaf. \m/ We went gaga over the sticky notes stuff wherein you can right anything you want to say about.. Moonleaf, of course. Your Moonleaf experience, how their beverages taste.. etc. After writing, you have to stick it to their cork board where everyone can see it. Haha. We really took time writing ours. I tried to be creative as possible but that’s just not my thing. Sigh. So if ever you pass by Moonleaf Dapitan right now, you might be able to see our crazy posts. ;)
Caramel Milk Tea for me, Peppermint Milk Tea for Mariell, and Wintermelon Milk Tea for my sister, Nikki. Caramel tastes like.. caramel. Wintermelon is heavenly. Peppermint tastes.. more like a toothpaste. Hahaha. But we’d surely go there again some other time and prolly.. a new place to hang out? Hahaha ;)

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