Tuesday, May 29, 2012

GOODBYE 2010, HELLO 2011! (December 2010)

2010 was quite a year. A lot of happenings and changes – be it politically or personally.
This year, we have chosen our 15th Philippine president, the son of former senator Ninoy Aquino and preceding Philippine president Cory Aquino – President Noynoy Aquino. Due to this, the Filipinos are expecting some, or most likely, huge political amendments for the next six years. We also had loads of breaking news this 2010 – entertainment, financial system, civics, or political affairs.
In my personal life, I believe that the year 2010 was a hodgepodge of disappointments and gaiety –disappointment regarding academics and family; gaiety a propos my friends and love life. Each frustration, though, was reciprocated by contentment.

If I were asked about the best bit of my 2010, I would say that it’s when I had him. He changed my perspective about love. He is my sunshine. He brightens up my life to the extremes. No matter how moody I am, he can still manage to make me smile. He never runs out of patience. He is always there to listen. He is the sweetest.. or not? Hahaha. Yes, he is really sweet. He cares for me like a daddy cares for his little girl. He loves me like no other. We may argue at certain times, but we make sure we get to fix it and.. voila! Love still matters at the end of the day. We have this certain bond that’s unbreakable. We are who we are when we’re together. We’re best friends. All I can say is, I have never been this blissful in my 17 years of existence. Not to mention that this exhilaration came when I least expect it. He is my first. I chose him to be my first. And I want him to be my last just so we can spend forever together. I know it sounds quite fairytale-ish, but who knows, as long as we keep on believing, loving, and… praying.

All in all, 2010 made my life utterly exultant. I hope that the coming years will do the same thing. I’d like to thank our Almighty God for all the strokes of luck that he has given me. For surrounding me such wonderful persons – my family, my friends, and my man. I want these people to stay in my life forever.
Let’s welcome 2011 with open arms. No lucky or unlucky. We make our own destiny. Let’s just pray for more blessings. More happiness. More love. Cheers!


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