Saturday, November 7, 2009

Yes, it's hard to let go high school. Very hard. (from my Multiply site o3.26.o9)

This is my last blog as a high school student.


I have witnessed a high school graduation once. It was my cousin’s. I was on prep then. Yeah, kinda far-fetched because I can still remember the exact scenario, to think that it transpired ten years ago.

I can still evoke how my cousin bid goodbye to her pals. They were all howling that you can really see the expression of grief in their face. Mixed emotions were in the air. As I bring to mind the circumstances that disconsolate night, I felt a sudden gloom that urges to my system. It’s my turn. I now come to think that I too will have that heartbreaking moment… tonight.

Holy has been my second home for 11 years. I have encountered various people. Some of them became my enemies, and a lot of them became my longtime comrades.

Mapagtimpi. This section became a huge part of my last year in Holy. I am not ashamed to show them the real me. They accepted me for who am I. They are the ones who perceived the different sides of me. No other section will be worth my year except for Mapagtimpi. I love them to bits.

To tell the truth, I never really expect that I’ll be more than poignant to leave Holy. I hardly value it, not until my last year in this institution. It’s only this school year, in which I have comprehended how dear it is to me. Maybe because this school year was a reel of lasts for the seniors. We had our last intramural, last academy days, last prom, last field trip-slash-retreat, last feast day, last everything. And as my last hours in Holy impend, I come to believe that this is really final. After handing in me my diploma, I’m certainly done here. We, the seniors ’08-’09, are done here.

I am more than grateful to spend my 11 years of education in Holy Spirit. Those years were, by no means, be spent in another place other than here. This is the place to be.

To all my fellow graduating students, best of luck to us all in pursuing our own trails. We may have come to the end of our high school days, at least we have gained the finest memories that we’ll engrave in our hearts forevermore. These are priceless, indeed.

Once an HSAian, always an HSAian.

See you ‘til the next day.

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