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The David Archuleta and David Cook Experience blog entry. (from my Multiply site o5.16.o9)

May 14, 2009.

‘Twas an arduous yet electrifying day for Gel and me.
I woke up at exactly 5am. Well, thanks to the alarm clock. I can’t believe it. I woke up all by myself without even the help of my mom. Hah. Excited much, eh? It’s really a must to wake up as early as that if you want to watch live on tv shows, even if that show will start at 10am or 12pm.
Gel and I were supposed to meet at 6:30am. Since, Gel woke up at 6am and her mom asked her to eat breakfast first, we met up at around 6:45. Hahaha. Dawdled for 15 minutes at the bus-slash-fx station and hit the road at 7am.
While inside the van, I kept on grumbling and telling myself, “Is this the swiftest acceleration that this car can do? Why don’t you try to scamper even more? Make haste, pleaseee!”
The van dropped us at the MRT station. We took a cab in setting off at the GMA station for SIS, because David Archuleta will be on the said show. ‘Twas already about 8am when we arrived at the GMA station. You don’t know how alleviating it was when we got there. I was like, “This is it. I’m going to see Archie in personnn!!!” There were many people outside the building and can’t go inside because they don’t have tickets. “Tickets are needed?” I thought. The woman behind told us that the tickets were given last week. And the crowd kept on inducing the security guards to let them in. But the security guards said that, if we don’t have tickets, we better go and leave because they will never let us in. Ok then. Seeing Archie in person didn’t happen there.
The two of us took a cab again and head to the Broadway. Archie will be there, too. So we were standing there from 9am-1pm. I didn’t heed standing at all. Anything, for Archie. :”> ROFL. We waited.. and waited.. and waited.. Ugh. And waited.. David Archuleta came at around 12:50pm. All of us were screaming when the convoy already came. It started raining, then. Police. A van. 1st black car. 2nd black car. Police. That was the sequence, as much as I remember. Hahaha. We were struggling to find where David Archuleta was. The van opened and people started to show up. There were prolly two women who went down from the van, together with a very cute guy, whom we thought, was David Archuleta. It’s his brother, I guess? They resemble quite much. But.. I don’t know. Hahaha. Anyhoo, after that false alarm, someone from the 1st black car came out and closed the car’s door immediately. So we conclude that David Archuleta’s inside the 2nd black car. The people from the 2nd black car were already coming out, so the crowd started to go wild! But, boo-hoo. ‘Twas Jomari Yllana and his business partner (I think), Singson. Hahaha. Archie’s inside the 1st black car!!! And it’s parked right in front of me! When David Archuleta came out, I got flustered and went wild even moreee! He’s just one leap and three steps away from me! That was one of the best moments in my life! His enticing smile, his ivory complexion that gives the impression of a Greek god, the expression on his face, that very moment… I can still picture it out in my mind up until now. I prefer to video it, and then I started to unnerve when I saw Archie. Now look what happened! The video was irksome that you'll just exasperate yourself to death if you're gonna watch it. Gaaaahhh. So, I'm so not gonna upload that. Unless you want to hear all of the screeches. Hahaha.
After seeing Archie, Gel and I went inside the to watch and because it was raining so hard. But then, we were starving already so we took a cab again and decided to head at SM North Edsa. David Cook will also be there, that’s why Gel’s hurrying me up. Hahahaha. We went at the Sky Garden first to get tickets. In order for you to get tickets, you hafta buy that set of Green bags worth 140 pesos. So, we did. Hahaha. And went at the Sky Garden Ampitheater, where David Cook will be performing at 4pm. We just reserved our seats then we went at the mall for lunch. We ate at Greenwich. American Idol tumbler, yey! :) Hahaha. We went back at the ampitheater and waited for Cook. We were there at 1pm, and the show started at 4pm. Hahaha. When the Magic djs came out, all of us thought that David Cook was with them. So we stood in our chairs and ready our digicams. No David Cook. False alarm. Hahaha. I wasn’t that excited because I’m not really a David Cook fan. I hate David Cook, as a matter of fact. But I can’t help to scream when he already came out. Hahaha. Everyone’s squealing like crazzzyyy. And the rest is history. Hahaha. There were prolly 3-6 best pics that I got from David Cook's show at SM North Edsa Sky Garden Ampitheater. LOL :)) The others are blurred and frustrating. Haha! The touch screen censor of my digicam was on, that's why. :((
After DC’s show, Gel and I strolled at The Block and went at Trinoma to wait for Gel’s mom. While waiting, we had our Mcfloat first at McDonald’s. When her mom arrived, we went home already. :)
May 14, 2009. Unforgettable day. Yayy.

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