Saturday, November 7, 2009

Instilled Thoughts from a Future Alumna (from my Multiply site o3.22.o9)

This is the farewell speech that I made for our club. It's a requirement so I just hafta do it. Hahaha.
When I tell people I go to Holy Spirit Academy of Malolos, they usually come up with one of three responses: "Hey, cool! How do you like it there?", "You must be smart!” and "Where?" I then face the challenge of explaining what Holy Spirit is.
How do you explain the difference between a Holy Spirit class and those at another high school? "The lessons that we had are more advanced," is a common example. "Whoa, it is an arrogant school," sometimes comes the reply. How can I convince them that I work three times as hard to get an "83" from Mathematics?
Holy Spirit imbued in me good moral values and enough intelligence or more to face others. This institution never fails to give me a quality education that I need. As I leave this school, I’ll always keep in me these things that honed me as a strong individual.
Graduation is not just another party, a reward for staying here four years. It's a pinnacle, the top of a mountain that we spent many hard-fought hours trying to climb.
The hallways aren't just a system of corridors. Our hallways are a place to meet people, to make friends. Another one of those interpersonal learning activities. Holy Spirit is a beehive. A whole bunch of people get together, and whatever happens, happens. You can't explain it, you just have to experience it.

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