Saturday, November 7, 2009

To be wounded by your own understanding of love. And to bleed willingly and joyfully. (from my Multiply site 11.29.o8)

Last Wednesday, we have discussed the poem “Of Love” by Kahlil Gibran. Everybody really participated so well. Maybe because, they can relate to it, based from their personal experiences. Some of them are casualties from their past relationships. Each one seemed so sentimental at that very moment. Unanticipated persons disclosed their quotable quotes that really struck all and sundry, including our subject teacher – Ms. Francisco.
Ms. Francisco asked one of my classmates if she will feel happy when she saw the guy she loves with his new girl. The other one divulged that she said to the girl to please take care of her guy. And so on and so forth. Many stories were shared and some secrets were spilled out. Upon hearing my classmates’ viewpoints about our topic, I was like, “Look who’s talking.” I am not really expecting to hear those utterances from them. Knowing that, they are the ones who are in high spirits every day. You wouldn’t think that these people have gone through these plights, and just learning to live with their pretenses. They were really staggering. =)
The most quotable quote that stood out was, of course, from the “ex-emo” himself – Ace de Vera. (special mention ka naman Ace. Haha. =p) He always throws up the most memorable aphorisms, ever, (hahaha =D) so it was kinda inevitable when we heard him say these words, but still, took our breath away. The question went like this: “Is it okay for you to give everything for the one you love even though she/he doesn’t feel the same way for you?”
Ace’s answer was:
“In love, it is better to give everything and lose everything, than giving nothing and expecting everything.”

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