Saturday, November 7, 2009

A Compendium of Fun-filled Comradeship (from my Multiply site 11.13.o8)

Yesterday in our English class, after our activity, we were asked to compose a poem for our dear friend--to be passed at the end of that period. Good thing, I didn't throw my rough draft. Hahaha. There was short time left that's why I did my poem swiftly. In my case, it took about 25 minutes for me to finish this. It was indeed a full-blown haste, so this one might not be good at all. Pardonne moi.

A Compendium of Fun-filled Comradeship
By Rina Eliza Marie B. Ignacio

We have found each other,
On the midst of solidarity,
From then on I have realized further,
That you were meant to be here with me.

You said you love my crazy antics,
As for me I adore your witty tactics,
You compromise with me every time I’m not on the mood,
It’s like I have found a sister in the hood.

Each other’s secrets we know very well,
These are the darkest that we won’t dare to tell,
We have been through many tests,
But we proved that it will never put our friendship into a mess.

Every day was filled with exhilaration,
With you I feel no longer in seclusion,
Through gaiety and melancholy we stick together,
To you I promise we will always be friends forever.

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