Saturday, November 7, 2009

"Be careful king of kings. First, you need the victory."--ACHILLES (from my Multiply site o7.o5.o8)

Priam: [kneels, kisses Achilles' hands]
Achilles: Who are you?
Priam: I have endured what no one on earth has endured before.
Priam: I kissed the hands of the man who killed my son.
Achilles: [realizes, stands abrubtly] Priam?
Achilles: How did you get in here?
Priam: I know my country better than the Greeks, I think.
Achilles: [walks forward, lifts Priam] You are a brave man.
Achilles: I could have your head on a spit in the blink of an eye.
Priam: Do you really think death frightens me now?
Priam: I watched my eldest son die, watched you drag his body behind your chariot.
Priam: Give him back to me.
Priam: He deserves a proper burial, you know that.
Priam: Give him to me.
Achilles: He killed my cousin.
Priam: He thought it was you.
Priam: How many cousins have you killed?
Priam: How many sons and fathers and brothers and husbands?
Priam: How many, brave Achilles?

--I was browsing the internet about the movie,"Troy", and looked for a site where I could download it. I have watched this film before. That was wayback 2004. But I want to reminisce the notable scenes that cuffed me most. I also need the weighty information for my English class' topic about the Greek Mythology, on the first place. While perusing the site, I saw that axiom above and thought of posting it. That conversation between Priam and Achilles was a fascinating perception, and it strucked me.

I love reading books and articles about the Greek Mythology since I was a tot. Aphrodite was my favorite goddess that time,as what I've remembered. That's why my exhilaration intensified to its severity when I've learned that,World Literature will be tackled up in 4th year, and Greek Mythology is a part of it.

Every topic that we have discussed was significant and very enthralling. My adored topic as of today,is the Trojan War. Brutal,indeed,but it was an unfaltering legend. Imagine, they hounded a war because of a woman. Many lives were dissipated. 'Twas such a rancid fatality for them.
As what Nestor has said to Agamemnon,"This will be the greatest war the world has ever seen."
Yes,this was. Indeed.

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