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Script: Odysseus and the Island of the Sun. (English presentation) [from my Multiply site o7.15.o8]

Groupmates! memorize your lines. :) We might present this on Thursday. :) Thank You.

The Island of the Sun
NARRATOR: After leaving the island of Circe, Odysseus passes by the Sirens, and enters the passage between Scylla and Charybdis. After avoiding Scylla and Charybdis, Odysseus arrives at the Island of Thrinakia, where there are the cows of the Sun.
Man 1: My lord, where are we?
Man 2: What teeming place is this? Wow. A perfect place to respite.
Odysseus: This must be the Island of Thrinakia, the land of the Sun god, Helios.
Man 3: Hey, look! A flock of sheep! And cattle! Now we have something to eat!
Odysseus: Don’t ever dare to eat them nor touch them.
Man 4: But, why my lord? I’m sure you won’t let us, your starving crew, to endure this hunger. Will you?
Man 5: He’s right, my lord! We don’t know, maybe these are gifts from the gods! They don’t want us to suffer in hunger!
NARRATOR: Odysseus recalled what Circe stressed out to him about the Island of the Sun.
Circe: Odysseus, after the crucial and fatal encounter with the 6-headed female monster, you and your fellow men will be destined to the Island of the Sun. In this land, you will be seeing the sun god, Helios, pasturing his 350 sheep and 350 cattle.
Odysseus: So? What’s up with them?
Circe: Absorb my advice and warning, Odysseus. These 350 sheep and 350 cattle were sacred. Thou shall not touch them. Or else, it will bring destruction to your ship and to your crew.
NARRATOR: Upon realizing this, the mighty Odysseus continues in contradicting his crew men.
Odysseus: Whatever it takes! I am warning all of you. Don’t attempt to eat those. Your disobedience might bring harm to us.
Man1: My lord, the darkness is engulfing the horizon already.
Man 2: Where are we going to sleep?
Odysseus: Build-up your tents now. Do it hastily!
Odysseus: We got to catch some rest now. Tomorrow, we shall continue our voyage back to our home, in Ithaca.
All 5 men: Yes, my lord.
NARRATOR: Odysseus fell in a deep slumber. After seeing this, his starving crew ate Helios’ cattle, although Odysseus warns them not to.
Man 3: Our master is now asleep. Maybe we can now hunt some cattle to fill in our stomach.
Man 4: But wait, lord Odysseus said that we shouldn’t.
Man 5: We will not tell him of course. Can you still control your starvation until we were able to come back in Ithaca?
Man 4: Definitely not.
Man 1: Well then, come with us.
NARRATOR: Since, Odysseus’ companions were hungry and desperate after having put up with contrary winds on the island for a month, so they slaughtered and roasted some of them.
NARRATOR: When Odysseus and his men were on their way to Ithaca, a violent thunderstorm faced them.
Odysseus: Oh no! What’s happening? These are thunderbolts that were sent by Zeus!
All 5 men: We are so sorry, our lord!
Odysseus: Why? What have you done? Have you eaten the forbidden sheep and cattle?
All 5 men: Yes my lord!!
Odysseus: This is what I meant when I warned all of you! This is the fruit of your disobedience and selfishness!
NARRATOR: For this impiety, Zeus struck Odysseus’ ship with a thunderbolt. Their ship was destroyed as they sail for Ithaca. Odysseus is the sole survivor.

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