Saturday, August 3, 2013

What A Girl Wants

Since the weather here in the Philippines is quite bipolar, I'm always having a difficult time what to actually wear. It's supposed to be entirely rainy by this time but we're still having our fair share of Mr. Sun right now. It was sunny on the day these photos were taken. Well, at least until 3 in the afternoon. It was humid to some extent so I went for this look thinking that it's the perfect time to wear this number because I never had a chance to dress up during the summer. To my dismay, the rain started pouring and the whole summery vibe blew away. There's no stopping me in taking outfit shots regardless of the rain, though. Lol. Also, I know that summer season in some countries are either ending or starting already so let this serve as a little summer outfit inspiration for you guys - who wanna make the most out of the remaining days of their summer or those who want to start if off with a kick. Hehe.

If you were to ask me what's the perfect summer statement, it'd be the flower/floral crown. These babies have made their way into the world of trends. Before, you can just put them on for photo shoot purposes, but now you can show them off pretty much everyday depending on the style and size of your flower crown. I envy those places though where you can freely sport these and not get serious looks from people. Lol. Anyway, this crown I'm wearing was sent to me by Flors Boniques. I find it soooooo cute! And it's not overpowering, just perfect for an afternoon stroll!

Photobomber alert! Lol!

I really think this light pink top from Grab 'n Brag It (follow them and check their shop for more beautiful finds!) and necklace from Laureen Uy are meant for each other for some reasons I can't even explain. It's just that... light pink + neon pink = a super good combo, for me. Very girly and eye-catchy. Also, I know that these are the pieces Barbie would wear. Lol. I know I'm biased because pink is my fave color, you can tell by the items I had on (pink necklace, pink top, pink shoes, pink pouch lol). Anyway, I'm wearing my denim vest from Paris Blues. I have a smaller vest from Paris Blues as well which my aunt from the USA sent me. When it comes to denims, Paris Blues got you covered. They have tons of denim jackets, vests, pants, etc. I'm in love. Check out their Fall 2013 collection and see for yourself!

Love this watch sent for me by Pink Chix and this pouch from Katdg Shop! Perfect for my outfit! I like using this pouch because I hate taking big bags with me during long walks! Life saver! 

Outfit details:
Flors Boniques flower crown | Laureen Uy necklace | Grab 'n Brag It top | Paris Blues denim vest
Pink Chix watch | Katdg Shop pouch | So Fab shoes


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