Sunday, September 16, 2012

Sugar, Spice, And Everything Nice

This post is long overdue. Haha. This is most likely a photo diary so I will just make it a quick one!

My friend Mariell and I went to Greenbelt in Ayala and loosen up for a while. Like what I said, Ayala is the best place for me to unwind. Find out here why: Chill Night

It was a night out so we made sure we'd be on time for Step Up Revolution's last full show. :) I am a huge fan of Step Up. I'm a dancer myself and I've watched it since Channing Tatum and Jenna Dewan's (I actually am happy that they ended up together hihi). Step Up 2 was a killer; Step Up 3 was the most memorable one (at least for me); and Step Up Revolution was the BEST Step Up YET. It was so good I could watch it over and over again. The dance moves were so sick and The MOB was unbelievable! I wish I could dance like them (haven't figured out yet if I could dance like that haha)! Not to mention, Ryan Guzman and Kathryn McCormick were so effin' hot! They look good together, they should get married! Haha! Anyway, while waiting for the movie to start, we strayed first around the mall.

Marks & Spencer

Lining up for the movie tickets.


We just had to buy! So irresistible!

Happy girl right there!!!

We had dinner at BonChon first. I'm so hooked with it until now.

I ordered my favorite Soy Garlic thigh. Kimchi coleslaw on the side (it's so spicy!!! Yes, because it's Kimchi duh haha)

Banoffee Pie yoghurt

Fish Taco

The aftermath


After having our dinner, we went to see the Gourmet gathering at Greenbelt 1's lobby

MOCHIKO!!! Their Cookie dough is so delish.

Red Velvet cupcakes, anyone? Oh I know you want to. Heaven in every bite.

These Hello Kitty polvorons (yes they are polvorons) are way too cute!

Polvorons have never been this adorbs! They're so delightful, you wouldn't even mind not eating them. Haha.

After the movie. Outfit shots before we leave :)

Thank you for the photos Mariell! xxx

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