Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Union Jack and Star-Spangled

This is what I wore to a typical day out. I bought this top a long time ago and I can’t believe I haven’t sported it yet until now. I just know that I’d be putting it on someday and now is the best time. Yes, I had it on during the closing day of the London Olympics 2012. I’m such a massive fan of the Olympics. I mean, who doesn’t right? In essence, it only transpires every four years, so imagine the fun and excitement it brings. My favorite event of the Olympics is diving, though. Because of my ultimate crush Tom Daley. Haha. I literally want to collapse every time I see him dive. He is just so perfect. ANYWAY! I’m fangirling again so let’s get back to business! Haha! And because I feel so lazy and I know I’d be walking a lot, I paired this top with a black belt, black sandals, denim pants, and denim sling bag. Denim on denim, not bad eh? To finish off, I opted for minimal accessories, thus, pearl earrings and blue cuff. What do you think? :)

Top: Robinson's Manila, Belt: Omega, Jeans: Human, Bag: Hot Kiss USA, Sandals: Boardwalk, Earrings: Forever21, Cuff: gift

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