Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Pink Friday Concert Tour

Have you ever experienced turning your ordinary-and-grudging-because-you-couldn’t-watch-your-fave-artist’s-concert day into a wow-best-surprise-of-all-surprises day? You get what I mean. Haha. Or not?

Anyway, so last July 11, my friend Mariell and I watched the most anticipating concert of the year yet... NICKI MINAJ’S PINK FRIDAY TOUR!!! Our friends know how much we love Nicki Minaj and we’re really dying to see her perform live! You know, we’re the type of fans who would memorize the lyrics of her songs… even though it means tangling our tongues to death.

Watching her concert was totally in the nick of time. We got the tickets an hour before! Thanks to my dearest friend Elmer. He really is the best guy friend ever. Definitely one of my fave persons in the world. :)

So I reached the Mall Of Asia Arena at around 8:30pm already, I think. We separated our ways first because Mariell had to drop by a gift for the debut party that she was supposed to attend that night. Glad she made it on time! We saw her friend Cye at the concert unexpectedly!

The arena was so chock-full! And star-studded too!

When we heard the holler of the crowd, we entered the arena already! The atmosphere was so electrifying! I can’t remember the first song though because we struggled quite much finding our seats. Haha! But when we found our happy place... fangirling began! We’re standing and didn’t even manage to use our seats the whole time! We screamed our lungs out to every song! That’s how much we love Barbz!!!

Let the photos speak for themselves! Enjoy! :)

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