Tuesday, May 29, 2012

HOME SWEET HOME :) (January 2012)

..because I’m a frustrated photographer.

 So this picture was supposed to emphasize the “sky lantern” lights outside our house all the way to the garden.

 Our living room. :) Yes, my mom always decorate our house depending on the occasion or season. She’s creative just like that. One thing I didn’t get from her. Heehee.
 These used to be in our garden, where my parents chill early in the morning sipping their hot coffee. I don’t know why mom removed it there.

 Our bar :) Wine, anyone?

 Dining table :)

 Dining room sliding door and Dining table :)

Don’t you just love the red bow? ;)

 Christmas tree ;)


*Wrote this last January, I think. It was intended for the Christmas season so as you can see, the frills of our house are Christmas-ish. Hahaha.

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