Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Food Files: Matgalne Korean Restaurant

Photo from Matgalne Korean Restaurant's Facebook page
Welcome to the new segment of Labels and Lattes, which, I ingeniously named "Food Files". Lol. I know, I know. Not really that creative but trust me, you would gag on the thought of the other names that popped into my head. Haha. If you haven't noticed yet, this is my first time to write an actual food review on this blog. With Valentine's Day just around the corner, I suppose this is the perfect time to post it to give you ideas of some sorts on where to bring your special someone or friends on that magical day. Lol. I'd try my best to make this short and snappy so let's begin, shall we?

I've been craving for Korean food for quite sometime and since I have tried almost every Korean restaurant/eatery around my area, I wanted to dine and experience a different one, for a change. My friend Joan, who is a huge fan of anything Korean, suggested we eat at Matgalne Korean Restaurant located at Makati City. By merely browsing through some tempting photos of their menu, I can hardly say no! So me, Joan, and my other friend Daphne (who is literally my food buddy for we always eat after class lol) went to Matgalne and overwhelmed ourselves with various Korean foods! Matgalne Korean Restaurant is well-known for its healthy and high-quality eat-all-you-can Korean buffet. For a very affordable price of P299 (with unli pork, add 100 for unli beef) for lunch and P399 (with unli pork and beef) for dinner, you'd be able to have a taste Korea's most impeccable dishes.

Plates and utensils

Kimbap. aka the Korean Sushi. Of course I had to post this first because this is my favorite! I could eat this all day, everyday! It is a steamed rice with a mixture of other ingredients such as veggies, rolled in dried laver seaweed.

Fish fillet. I like it but I could've enjoyed it more when it was still hot and crispy. We arrived around 3:30pm and they're about to serve dinner at 5:30pm so it's kinda our fault heehee. But still, I hope they're re-heated.

Kimmari or seaweed roll. This is also one of my faves. I think it's a Japchae rolled in seaweed. I personally love this dish and I ate tons of it. Lol.

Turon. One of the favorite meriendas of the Filipinos. At first I didn't recognize it, maybe because we are used to eating this heavily coated with caramelized sugar. And because I love anything sweet, I still prefer the turon with sugar, heehee.

Veggies. I don't know what these are exactly called but they just all look like mixed vegetables to me. Haha. Although I must say, I like how the veggies were cooked. And the uncooked ones, I think they're supposed to be included with the pork and beef brisket that you'll be grilling.

Onion rings. Enough said.

Ham Jeon. Basically, this is just like a hotdog chopped and coated with egg and herbs. But guess what? I ate almost half of what you can see in that serving plate. Haha! True story, though.


Zucchini Jeon. Same as Ham jeon, but instead of ham/hotdog, it's zucchini. (okay, what did I just say that's totally nonsense. Lol!) You don't say?

Mushroom Jeon. A pancake-like korean dish made mostly of eggs and flour with mushroom.

Gyeran Mari or Korean rolled omelette.

Grilled pork.

Sweet Potato Glazed with Caramelized Sauce. Among all the desserts, this is what I like the most. It has just the right amount of sweetness. Caramelized sauce = heaven.

Sweet Potato balls. I love how the outer part of this dessert was nicely fried while the inner part was very soft and bursting with flavor.

Are you salivating yet?? Lol!

Verdict: I like it but I'm not really that crazy about it. Still, I would absolutely recommend it for all of you who wants to experience a good Korean cuisine for an inexpensive price. P299, are you kidding me?? It's a good steal! The ambiance of the restaurant is relaxing as well and good for chitchats; quite resemble a typical dining room so I'm sure you'll feel at home. (No photo of the place, I was very hungry that time so after I took food photos, I devoured the food on my plate like a hungry wolf and forgot about it! I'm so sorry!!!) Besides, I would definitely come back to this restaurant especially when I'm on a budget and in dire need of a Korean food fix. Did I mention that they also sell Korean ice creams and drinks? Yupppppp!

You can also check Matgalne Korean Restaurant's Facebook page for promos and discounts!


Matgalne Korean Restaurant
4768 Kalayaan Avenue Corner Mariano Street, Poblacion
Makati City, Metro Manila
Tel #: (02) 890 – 2949

*Lunch buffet starts from 11:30 am to 4:30 pm while dinner buffet starts from 5:30 pm to 11:00 pm.


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