Monday, December 30, 2013

Year-End Post: Thank you, 2013!

This is not a fashion post nor a beauty one. I would like to write this off as, to a certain extent, a contemplation and thanksgiving blog post so bear with me for this may possibly be lengthy. 

2013 has been a whirlwind of peaks and valleys--not just for me, but pretty much for everyone else. As most of us experienced our personal setbacks, some went through tumultuous dilemmas with the whole world as their witness. Problem after problem, disaster after disaster.. And the cycle went on. In spite of these circumstances we faced and continue facing, there are still a lot of things to be thankful for. Yes, you might have hit rock bottom or probably, as T. Swift says, you're "lying on a cold hard ground", but that doesn't mean you're left with nothing because for crying out loud, you have your life--you're alive.. right here, right at this moment. You're given a chance to see the world again in an entirely different perspective, a chance to re-establish the life you have. I don't know about you but that's something I'm totally grateful for.

Writing has always been one of my passions and it keeps me in high spirits. I remember the first time I joined an essay writing contest back in gradeschool. I didn't have faith in myself back then as I only write essays and home reading reports because we're obliged to, not because I love doing them. When I won the contest, I learned to consider writing as a hobby, embraced it, and loved it. Can you imagine how happy I was when I started blogging? I've been blogging since my days so I can quite say that the blogosphere is my safe haven (I think I've said that before lol). From writing on papers to blogging anything that floats my boat. Not that I stopped writing on papers when blogging came on the scene. Haha. I still love doing the old-school style because in my honest opinion, it's still more meaningful when words are written on paper. But then again, welcome to the 21st century where everything is high-tech. I started fashion blogging late 2011 or early 2012, I believe. Fashion bloggers started popping up during that time. I, for one thing, also love dressing up and blogging so I told myself, hey why not give it a go. Back then, I wasn't really conscious if I posted every 5 months or what (true story lol) because I honestly thought no one ever reads my blog except from me. Haha! But now, I must say that little by little, this blog is gaining readers and followers, as well. So I'm slightly pressured to update this blog and my Lookbook page at least once a week! Lol! Nevertheless, I'm utterly grateful to each and every one of you for taking your precious time to read my blog posts and comment on my posts/looks. Every hype, hit, and comment truly warms my heart. Thank you soooo much. This year, I also started collaborating with various local and international online shops. I'm really thankful to all the shops who trusted me. It means a lotttt. And of course I would like to thank Mariell, who always patiently takes my outfit shots. Long story short, I never thought writing would bring me somewhere (I'm not there yet but you get me lol). This blog improved a lot this year and I hope and pray that it will be better (and bigger) this 2014. I wish you guys would stick with me! :) 

Personally, this year has been good to me. Less drama, more fun. I'm just so happy that I have my family, friends, and God. Thank you so much, 2013. Here's to an even better 2014! :)


  1. Happy new year! I wish you all the best.


    1. Aww thank you so much, Stella! :) Happy New Year to you as well! Xo

  2. Happy new year dear, Following you.

    keep in touch,

    1. Happy New Year, Subha! Thank you so much! :)


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