Sunday, August 26, 2012

Red Mango

Before the milk tea craze, we had the froyo addiction. I remember myself having a go at every frozen yoghurt store in the Metro. I’ve tried a lot actually, which I think is enough to say that I’m a froyo connoisseur. HAHA. Self-proclaimed? Anyway, among all of those froyo’s that I’ve indulged in, Red Mango stood out. They literally have the most mouth-watering yoghurt and the most scrumptious toppings! Red Mango has a lot of variety to choose from that will keep you coming back for more! By the way, have you heard that one of Red Mango’s best-seller will have its come back? Yes! It’s the Green Tea froyo! BUT before the Green Tea fever starts yet again, Red Mango has another special treat! Buy 1 Take 1 special on all Medium Flavored Frozen Yogurt this August 27 to September 2! Green Tea fever fires up on September 3!

You'll definitely see me lining at Red Mango on these dates! Are you excited as I am? :) xx

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