Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Meet LA Aguinaldo

I know I have so many backlogs but I just had an instant feeling of blogging this right now. So… pardonne moi. Haha. It's already 4am that's why I'll just make a quick and succinct post. Bear with me. ;)

Many of us (or all of us, perhaps) have already watched the latest tvc of Nescafe –where the guy was about to kiss the girl but didn’t actually do it, hence, opted to describe it in details instead. I have to admit it is indeed a market leader. It was so wittily made. I mean, who wouldn’t fall for that?

However, when I first saw it, the first thing that caught my attention wasn’t the tvc itself— it’s the familiar face of LA Aguinaldo.

I saw him at the Candy Style Awards 2012 (happened a month ago but will blog it this week, I KNOW) as one of the Candy Cuties. He was actually the friskiest among them. He never seemed tired— or maybe he was but he’s pretty good at making it imperceptible. And honestly, among all of those Candy Cuties I had a picture with, he’s the only one whom I had down pat. Legit. Plus, he’s so approachable; be it in person or online. I believe, in next to no time, he will hit the big time in the biz.

So watch out ladies! This enthralling green archer will surely render you in awe when you meet him by chance! He is, indeed, an epitome of good looks with striking personality. :)


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