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Candy Style Awards 2012 (05.04.12)

Finally! Sorry for this super late post!

So, the Candy Magazine held its first ever Candy Style Awards last May 4, 2012 at the Rockwell Tent. Basically, this event brought together the 8 fashionistas labeled as the Candy Style Stars, and of course handed them over their Style award (you don’t say, haha)— which arrived on the scene in a really cute (and yummy) form!

When me and my friend Mariell arrived at the venue, Julie Anne San Jose and Elmo Magalona were performing. Every one was indeed in full blast! They were so hyped to see the famed love team!

I think some other celebrities were present and awarded that night but we didn't get the chance to see them due to a behind schedule arrival. Haha!

After JuliElmo's (is that how you spell it?) performance, they were immediately followed by Someday Dream. 

So while waiting for the style stars, Mariell and I tried the event's mobile bar... of juices. You would totally laugh if you saw our reaction after drinking what's in the shot glass! Haha! We were like, "This is not even an alcohol! It's so sweet! Ano 'to, Grenadine?" Hahaha! ;) We then retained the information that Candy Magazine is intended for tweens/teens. :)

Let's fast forward to the main event!


Supposedly, the first one to show up on the stage was Jasmine Curtis-Smith. Since she wasn't able to make it, she just sent a video for her fans who really waited for her. I'd love to see her, really! She is so gorgeous!


Next was my first love fashion blogger, Tricia Gosingtian! I was so stoked to see her! She is truly such a doll! Love love love her!


It was followed by my ultimate favorite fashion blogger, Laureen Uy! I fell in love with her the moment I first saw her on tv (for those who don't know, she's also an actress!) wearing a really marv outfit! And my addiction to her never stopped since then! (I'll tell more about her on my upcoming blog post xx) I was so exhilarated to see her so when she came out on the stage, I was completely screaming like crazy! Haha!

Her outfit was so Candy-inspired! HYPED! ;)

I forgot who went next, boohoo :( I'll just post them anyway.

Patricia Prieto! So yeyyy! She's just so stunning from her hair down to her feet! She actually reminded me of Miley Cyrus that night! Such a rocker chic! \m/ Also, she was one of the friendliest bloggers. You can see her smiling at you when her and your eyes meet!
 Don't you just love her outfit? I know I do!


Next stop, Jaz Reyes. Familiar, huh? Yeap, because she was last season's UAAP courtside reporter for the Ateneo. I believe she was also an intern for Candy Magazine. And a DJ. And a VJ. And a host. Whew! Isn't that amazing?


The very charming and dazzling, Kryz Uy! With a pretty face and a get-up like that, no one would ever thought that she went all the way straight from the airport! I so love her!

When all else fails, go sparkly!


Yes, the It Girl herself!!! I really am a huge Camille Co fan. She absolutely inspires me and I adore her so much. She is so prestigious, yet, manage to keep her feet on the ground. Definitely one of the people who'll never fail to leave you in awe with her fascinating pieces. I just love everything she wears! I want to have her closet!


The beautiful Sarah Lahbati! She looked striking already with just a plain white dress and red lipstick on! She's also an actress. :) However, she didn't mingle with the crowd after the show :(

They are this year's Style Stars! Can't wait for next year's Candy Style Awards!!! :)

Here are some photos me and my friend took after the show. I was so thrilled to have my photo taken with my favorite bloggers! And the Candy Cuties of course :)

My friend's favorite Candy Cuties. HAHAHA!
Continuation of my photo diary..

Photos from Mariell DeGuzman

PS. I was so happy to see Bianca Roque host the show! She's my fave VJ! Just saying :)

R ♥

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