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Philippine Fashion Week - The Ramp 5.22.12

I’m gonna try to make this blog short and snappy, for it’s already 4:02am and I can feel the lethargy in me. Hahaha.
So, last Tuesday, I and my friends attended the Philippine Fashion Week’s first vogue blast which was The Ramp Crossings’ fashion show held at the SMX Convention Center in Pasay City.


 It was pretty much an entertaining show. The collection was just superb. I love how we can see every detail through our third row seats. What added more enjoyment to the show was the charming kids who walked on the runway. It was indeed pleasant to watch. 

 Highlight of the night, meeting the famous fashion blogger Patricia Prieto for the second time. As a fan girl that I admit I really am, I didn’t blow away the chance to have my picture taken with her... again. She is just so nice and approachable. She even liked our picture on Instagram. Did I mention that she’s extremely gorgeous too? I totally love her style that I marvel at how she can make any outfit girly yet edgy. She’s definitely one of my favorite fashion bloggers.

Speaking of which, my style inspiration for this outfit is a combination of another beyond amazing fashion bloggers/enthusiasts, Laureen Uy and Camille Co. Actually, the first outfit I planned on wearing was really a Camille Co-inspired outfit. I had a last minute shopping and bought a white sheer sleeveless top to match up with my tangerine mullet skirt and intended to complement my outfit using gold belt and accessories. If you know Camille Co, you’ll see how much she is into toning her outfits with gold and it enthuse me so much. Like what she said, it gives her an “ang yaman ko lang” look. Because of her, I became a fan of gold accessories. Anyway, so I didn’t push through to what I’ve planned because when I did the fitting, the top practically didn’t look good on the mullet skirt. Well, for me. There’s just really something wrong. And so I persisted on plan B, my sheer top with blue and white stripes. It perturbed me because if I’m going to wear it, I’m going to put it on two weeks in a row and nobody wants that. But then I remembered what Laureen Uy said, “It’s okay to repeat clothes as long as you style it differently.” Hence, I pursued it, also because it was absolutely a last minute fashion emergency and I didn’t have enough time anymore to find an appropriate top to go with my skirt. That’s the best that I got during that moment.

The first time I saw Laureen Uy in person was during a night out in Greenbelt. She was so stunning and her mullet skirt caught my eye. Since then, I’ve been a huge fan of mullet skirts. What I love most about Laureen is she always gives that sweet yet sassy vibe in every outfit. I just love her way too much. Plus, both of us are wedges buffs. For me, wedges are more comfortable than any other shoes. I can walk all day in it. In addition, it really makes any outfit stand out and gives oomph to it. I opted to wear white wedges, but I don’t know why the fashion fairy godmothers kept on sending me mishaps that day that my wedges broke down. It’s just cray. I went for gold-ish printed stilettos instead.

Top- Forever 21; Blazer- Tomato; Shoes- Zara; Ring- Greenhills
As you know in fashion, color blocking is the new trend. So I chose this hot pink bag to add a color to my outfit. Regarding my accessories, I just added a huge gold ring and gold with pearl earrings to prevent over decoration. I then finished and toned up my colorful outfit with a preppy gray blazer to balance the colors and voila! I’m good to go.

MORE PICTURES: (from Mariell de Guzman and Kim Cuyco)

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